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Born out of passion for artisanal mixology, Five by Five Tonics offers handmade bitters and tonic with unparalleled complexity and quality. We strive to create bold and unique flavors that blend well with modern spirits and cocktails.

The Roots

Five by Five Tonics developed out of my training as an acupuncturist and herbalist. After years of creating medicinal herbal formulas for patients, I developed a keen sense for the blending of herbs. I began to see each botanical as having its own “personality.” I had always been a cocktail enthusiast. At one point I looked at a bottle of bitters at a local bar and realized I recognized all of the ingredients. That’s when the light went on and I realized I could create a bitters with unparalleled complexity and quality. 5 by 5 Tonics was born!

Style and Purpose

The goal of 5 by 5 bitters is balance. The name 5 by 5 is derived from the five elements and the five flavors of traditional Chinese medicine. These elements are the guidelines that allow a formula to be perfectly balanced for an individual or a purpose. 5 by 5 products are no different. We strive to create bold and unique flavors that blend well with modern spirits and cocktails.

Flavor and Innovation

The hallmark of a well made bitters formula is complexity. The flavor of these bitters is bold to say the least. When tasted alone they should feel a bit overwhelming, yet inviting. This is a delicate balance. I take pride in using different and unusual flavors that aren’t readily found in most cocktail settings. This is a challenge that has always produced the greatest reward!


These products are entirely handmade. This includes the sourcing and inspecting of raw ingredients, combining and processing each ingredient as well as bottling and packaging. I strive to use the highest quality organic or wild-crafted botanicals as well as clean and pure base spirits and water. All of these products are made on-site at our location in Chico, CA.