8 Best Freestanding Wine Coolers for a Perfect Wine Storing

Best Freestanding Wine CoolerWine is one of the most versatile and consumed beverages in the world. Whether you have a vast collection or just keep a few bottles at any given time a good quality wine cooler is more than capable of accommodating your needs.

Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes so you have a bit of deciding to do which one would best suit your style.

A freestanding wine cooler is convenient, efficient, and will keep your bottles at a preferred temperature with precision. Let’s check out some of the best freestanding wine coolers you can avail of in the market.

Why and when to choose a freestanding wine cooler?

A freestanding wine cooler is probably the most convenient type of them all. It offers versatility and ultimately freedom for you to utilize it at your discretion. They often also look really good and can add some flair to an otherwise naked space in your household.

A freestanding wine cooler comes in a wide range of sizes, meaning it can handle a wide range of bottle capacity from smaller ones that may accommodate 6-7 bottles or larger ones that can cool more than 30 or even more bottles for you.

Other than versatility in terms of sizing and capacity, they are also very easy to install and maintain. They can be easily accessed to clean and are virtually just plug and play units.

You also don’t need to think much about where to place it. It can be situated on countertops or anywhere in your house where it can be accessed and look good. Always hang out in your garage? Plug it in there and have access to cool wine anytime.

Freestanding wine coolers may also come with single or dual cooling zones. You’ll have the option to get a thermoelectric type or a compressor cooled type too.

And this might be true to all types of wine coolers but freestanding wine coolers especially thermoelectric ones are the most practical of them all and will be worthy practical investments for all.

These types of wine coolers are oftentimes the most affordable but also energy efficient of them all so you won’t have to worry much about any operation cost.

So as mentioned, whether you are just a casual drinker who would appreciate a finely cooled red or white wine on any given night or keep a larger collection of it, a freestanding wine cooler is always a good choice.

Best Freestanding Wine Cooler Product Reviews

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Model: 268 78 28 01

  • Model: 268 78 28 01
  • Compressor Technology
  • 28-Bottle Capacity
  • Temperature Range: 39-65 F

Let’s start our list for the best freestanding wine cooler with the classy Wine Enthusiast VinoView. This is a compressor cooling unit that can handle, as the name implies, 28 Bordeaux bottles.

It clocks in at only 32.7 inches tall and 17 inches wide and it’s got compressor cooling technology that is sure to last a long while. The brand takes pride in its VinoView wire shelving design.

The unit comes with black wire shelving cradles that will slide easily to display your bottles forward. This freestanding wine cooler can be set up anywhere and away from any light that will affect the integrity of your wine inside.

The legs are stable and you will have an adjustable thermostat with a wide temperature range of 39 degrees to 64 degrees F. This unit will no doubt be compatible with both red and white wines. The LED display can be set by Celsius or Fahrenheit and offer precision.

The lighting can also be turned on or off based on your liking. This unit is also quite affordable and you’ll get yourself such a heavy-duty wine cooler.

NewAir 24-in Dual Zone 20 Bottle & 70 Can Wine and Beverage Cooler

NewAir 24-in Dual Zone 20 Bottle & 70 Can Wine and Beverage Cooler

  • Model: AWB-400DB
  • Compressor Technology
  • 20-Bottle an 70-Can Capacity
  • Temperature Range: 36-50; 50-66 F

Speaking of heavy-duty compressor type freestanding wine coolers, take a gander at the stylish and innovative NewAir 24-in Dual Zone 20 Bottle & 70 Can Wine and Beverage Cooler.

This unit is not just a wine cooler but also a place where you get to install your other favorite beverages. As the name indicates, this unit can accommodate 20 bottles of wine and 70 cans of other beverages. Not in the mood for wine? Go for beer instead!

This unit has dual zone cooling so you may keep your wine away from beer or separate red wine from white wine. You may adjust the temperature separately from both zones too. The upper zone has a range of 36 to 50 degrees F with the lower zone at 50 to 66 degrees F.

You will also enjoy a unique splitshelf configuration. The upper zones are fitted with wire racks meant for double can storage. Your bottled beverages can then be stored standing in front of the shelf too.

The wood wine racks also glide rather easily for access. They aren’t just ergonomic but also stylish and adds to the overall aesthetics of this wine cooler.

This unit can either be installed built-in or freestanding because of its front vent. This wine cooler looks really sleek with a black matte finish and a stainless steel trim.

That’s not all because its glass door is reversible and triple-paned. This will ensure maximum protection for its contents and make sure the temperature inside is kept as it is with precision.

It’s got interior lighting, a locking door, fits in undercounter cabinets, interior fans that will distribute the cool air evenly, and a moisture tray to make sure your corks won’t go dry.

This unit may be pricey but it’s got well-rounded features and is built to last. Serious about your wine and beverage cooling? This unit is for you!

Whynter Built-In Stainless Steel 54 Bottle Wine Cooler

Whynter Built-In Stainless Steel 54 Bottle Wine Cooler (BWR-541STS) Model: BWR-541STS

  • Model: BWR-541STS
  • 54-Bottle Capacity
  • Compressor Technology
  • Temperature Range: 40-65 F

If you’re looking for space and versatility then go for the Whynter Built-In Stainless Steel 54 Bottle Wine Cooler. This is another compressor cooled unit that’s got a single zone and can accommodate 54 bottles of your favorite wine.

One thing that stands out about this unit is its elegant and unique design. It’s a matte black cabinet that will blend right in any décor whether you’ll put it in your living room, bar, or kitchen. It can be built-in your cabinet or go freestanding, the choice is yours.

The unit is then accented by its stainless trimmed door and a curved handle. It’s got 5 slide-out rolling shelves that are faced with wood and illuminated by soft LED lighting that gives a fancy highlight to its contents fitting for your favorite wine bottles.

Its front vent is then covered by a smooth looking and seamless stainless steel grille. The glass door is gray smoked, tempered, double-paned, and UV-shielded making sure there are maximum protection and security for its contents.

The door is reversible and keyed lock for safety as well as unwanted access. The Sabbath mode feature allows you to turn off any audible features, lighting, and display off for 96 hours.

The temperature memory function allows the cooler to operate as is in the event of a power outage maintaining whatever temperature settings you’ve set. And while we’re at maintaining temperature precision, this unit also possesses an open door alarm feature.

This is an eco-friendly unit and the brand takes pride in the fact that it only operates at 0.7 kWh per 24 hours. It also only operates at 39 dB making it a quiet operator that you’d definitely appreciate.

Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Model: RW428DR

  • Model: RW428DR
  • Compressor Technology
  • 166-Bottle Capacity
  • Temperature Range: 41-54; 46-66 F

The Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler has the largest bottle capacity amongst all the units on our list. With a whopping 166 bottles, this cooler is for the serious wine collector.

Chill, store, and age your wine collection with this spacious freestanding wine cooler. It’s a dual zone unit and rest assured that it’s eco-friendly so you have large storage capacity but small energy consumption.

It is infused with the brand’s unique air management system that will automatically adjust the temperature inside if it gets either too cold or too hot based on your settings. This will ensure precise temperature control for both your red and white wines.

The front air ventilation system allows you to either install it as a built-in cooler or just leave it freestanding. The double-paned tempered glass door is UV-shielded and of course, stainless steel trim.

The wooden shelves give it a chic design and it’s got rubberized racks that will securely handle your wine bottles. It’s got soft LED lighting, it’s self-locking, and has a digital thermostat. Your corks also won’t dry out with the humidity kept at 50 to 70%.

The dual zone capacity will allow you to keep lots of your favorite red and white wines for a long time.

SUMMIT 33-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

SUMMIT 33-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler Model: SWC1535B

  • Model: SWC1535B
  • Compressor Technology
  • 33-Bottle Capacity
  • Temperature Range: 41-64 F

We’re at the halfway mark of our review and this time we introduce the SUMMIT 33-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler. This unit can store just the right amount of wine bottles for you and it’s got a slim design that will give you lots of freedom where to situate it.

It’s not only slim but its reversible swing door makes it easy to install undercounter or maybe just leave it freestanding. It’s got fully finished wooden shelves with LED lighting to give it a little bit of elegance.

The six shelves can handle either burgundy or champagne-style bottles and the jet black finish on this cooler makes it a nice add-on to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

It’s got a Sabbath mode feature too and operates 100% CFC free. The locking door will also protect the contents and if you have curious kids who might get their hands on these bottles. And it’s got an auto-defrost option for easy maintenance and cleaning.

It’s got a digital temperature display and can be configured as Celsius or Fahrenheit for your convenience.

NewAir 46 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

NewAir 46 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

  • Compressor Technology
  • 46-Bottle Capacity
  • Temperature Range: Upper 40-55; Lower 50-66 F

Next on our list is the elegant NewAir 46 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler. We think keeping about 30 to 40 bottles of wine at home is just about right so this unit yields really good value for wine collectors.

It’s got beech wood shelves that look elegant and easy to access as it glides conveniently. Not only that though the shelves are adjustable to accommodate larger bottles. And then it’s further accentuated by the internal blue LED lighting.

This polished black stainless steel cooler will have accurate temperature controls for both its zones. This will allow you to keep your red and white wines separately and let them cool down in their optimal temperature and humidity.

This is a compressor cooling unit but rest assured that it operates together with its fans quietly. It then comes with a carbon filter to make sure that the internal air is kept fresh at all times.

This freestanding wine cooler is not only aesthetically pleasing but also energy efficient. It will only cost you 30 cents per day of operation cost so while it is indeed pricey, its cost-effectiveness would more than make up for that in the long run.

This unit is quite durable and will sit nicely on any part of your home.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar Model: 264 03 70 03

  • Model: 264 03 70 03
  • 70-Bottle Capacity
  • Compressor Technology
  • Temperature Range: 41-68 F

The penultimate entry on our best freestanding wine cooler review is for serious wine collectors as well. We’re, of course, talking about the Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar.

It’s got two cooling zones of course meant for all sort of sine variety, red, white, and sparkling. This compressor cooling unit has a sleek black finish and handles that will surely fit nice in the aesthetics of your place.

This cooler is also only 23.2 inches wide and that’s superbly slim for its 70 bottle capacity. It’s got 6 black wire shelves with a natural wood trim that will elegantly and safely cradle your bottles.

The shelves also glide rather easily. The blue Led lighting should also provide a nice accent and look to its content. And to make sure that everything inside is always secured with the right temperature, this unit has got triple panes of glass.

It’s got an electronic and adjustable thermostat that will give you a range of 41 to 68 degrees F while the humidity would also be kept in check. The legs are stable to make sure that you install this on any surface without any problems.

Whynter 124 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Whynter 124 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler Model: FWC-1201BB

  • Model: FWC-1201BB
  • 124-Bottle Capacity
  • Compressor Technology
  • Temperature Range: 40-65 F

This last entry on our freestanding wine cooler is probably the best looking of them all. No other than the Whynter 124 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler. This is one large capacity cooler and it looks really good.

This unit has a black finish and sleek digital LED display that’s meant to add a nice accent to your kitchen or bar. It’s got soft interior lighting too and you will have a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees F.

This is one powerful compressor cooling unit and the external air will be evenly distributed by its fan. A precise and stable temperature is one of its fortes after all.

It’s got a reversible swing door so it would be easier to install. The activated carbon will make sure that the air inside stays fresh. The shelves are also ideal for larger wine bottles for it’s got a wire bottle gate.

It’s got 4 wire shelves that easily slides for you to access your wine. The leveling leg is stable enough so this freestanding wine cooler may be situated on any surface. It’s got a drop tray and cylinder hands to keep your wine safe at all times.

This unit is very efficient when it comes to the bottles it can handle and is energy efficient too.

What to look for when buying a freestanding wine cooler

Here are the important aspects to consider when shopping for your next freestanding wine cooler.

Size or Capacity

Oftentimes, the size of a freestanding wine cooler or wine coolers, in general, determines its bottle capacity and you’ll know how much it will contain upon visual inspection.

But, that’s not always the case. First of all, you need to determine and purchase the wine cooler that can handle the number of bottles you want to keep and that you can afford to maintain (energy cost-wise) and then look into the size of what’s available.

The size or dimensions of your freestanding wine cooler will determine where you can install it. Is it something you can put on top of your kitchen counter, or do you have very little space left for it at home?

Sometimes, freestanding wine coolers can handle more bottles than it looks. It’s just a matter of how the shelves inside are designed. Fortunately, wine coolers are designed to be economical too in terms of the space it can occupy.

There are a ton of narrowly designed wine coolers out there, most of them freestanding types and they can handle at most 40 bottles.

Functional and ergonomic design

This aspect would most likely refer to a wine cooler’s hardware. We’re talking about its insulation first and foremost and how it can preserve the temperature inside of the cooler to keep your wine at its best quality.

Some units come with triple layers of insulation with a glass door that’s got UV filter, tempered, and dual-paned. These qualities are optimal to make sure your bottles get precise temperature, humidity, and light.

This glass door should then be accompanied by an ergonomic handle and will be sure to lock it in place securing it that it won’t open easily and from unwanted access. Keyed lock wine coolers are ideal.

The shelves, either made out of wood or metal should easily slide or glide for you to have access to the bottles or remove them. The door itself would be great if it can go either way for installation convenience.

Also, take note of the legs of your wine cooler and see to it that it won’t wobble and stay stable at all times. Lastly, take note of the fans and the vents as these things are essential as to where you can or cannot install a freestanding wine cooler.

Convenient features

You should take note of the temperature range of your wine cooler. Red and white wines slightly have different optimum temperatures with reds slightly warmer than the whites.

A freestanding wine cooler that’s got a range of 40 to 68 degrees F should be all right. Also, take note of security features like temp and open door alarm and auto-defrost for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

There are even some units that can be controlled remotely using your smart devices. Explore your unit before buying it for awesome features. Well, as long as you can afford it.

Cooling zones

This aspect is straightforward. There are freestanding wine coolers that have either single or dual cooling zones. This just means that you may store your red and white wines separately and each will have specific temperatures.

Wine cooler type

There are two types of wine coolers, thermoelectric and compressor cooled. Thermoelectric wine coolers are usually smaller, can handle fewer bottles, and are inexpensive.

Compressor cooled wine coolers, on the other hand, are more expensive but are heavy duty and larger. It’s ideal if you need to place it in a slightly warmer area or if you have a lot of bottles to keep because of its wider temperature range than the former.

Final thoughts

As you can see, versatility is the strongest aspect of a freestanding wine cooler. It should not always be a hefty investment as it comes in all sorts of bottle capacity and prices. They look good and your wine will taste good too!

We’ve listed down some of the best brands and products you can find for a freestanding wine cooler on our top eight, all you got to do is to choose which one with the set of features or capacity you’d need.

So add a little sophistication to your kitchen, living room, or bar and pamper yourself with a good quality freestanding wine cooler. Cheers!

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