Grapefruit Oolong

To make the Oolong tea, the leaves of Camellia sinensis should get partially oxidized. The oxidation degree varies from 10% to 80%. The longer the leaves are oxidized, the more the taste resembles the black tea. But a little oxidation process is enough to bring out the flavor …

Lime and Rum Cocktail with Bitters

This cocktail will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Lime juice presents a refreshing and also aromatic citrus taste. For the dark rum, it is really different than the white rum and what makes it different is the time period of the aging process.

Homemade Tonic Syrup

This syrup first appears in the ‘Bar Book’ by Jeffrey Morganthaler and very useful in the cocktail making. You can add as much as you want in your drink to flavour your drink.