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Bitter–the flavor that brought tonic syrups into high demand in the 17th and 18th century was then attributed to the medicinal properties of cinchona bark.  This was the birth of the Gin and Tonic.  Even further back in history you can see the use of various bitter tonics such as gentian root.  Coming to the present day, the term tonic syrup is a broad definition.  This inspired us here at Five by Five Tonics to develop a tonic syrup that goes further back in history and ushers in a new generation of tonic syrups.

Five by Five Tonic Syrup uses the clean and striking bitter flavor of gentian root to give this product a distinctive and intriguing flavor.  Citrus peel and Saaz hops balance out the bitter flavor creating a tonic that blends elegantly with modern craft gins and vodkas.  Brighten your cocktail with a squeeze of lime wedge or add a dash of bitters.  This product is highly versatile.  This is truly the first tonic syrup of its kind.

Each batch of Five by Five Tonic Syrup is made meticulously by hand in small-batch form.  We select only the finest quality organic and wild-crafted botanicals.  We blend and prepare each recipe according to the specific personality of each botanical to express the finest flavor of each.

Tasting Notes:

The mildly bitter quality of this tonic syrup comes out brilliantly in a mixed drink.  The floral and savory ingredients meld perfectly with craft gins, vodkas and other white spirits.

Mixing Notes:

This syrup is inspired by the Gin and Tonic.  However, the sky is the limit as for variation, but this syrup allows you to adjust the tonic character in cocktails.  Modern American gins pair exceptionally well as do most craft bitters.  American whiskey is dangerously good when paired with this tonic syrup.


Water, Sugar, Gentian Root, Saaz Hops, Citric Acid.